Celtic Kane

Computer Science Primer
A short introduction to various computer science topics, including binary numbers, circuits, sorting, binary trees, and prefix/postfix.

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator
A calculate to determine your BAC after different types and amounts of alcohol.

Check Washing Project
Think your checks are safe? This experiment shows just how easy it is for a fraud to turn your checks to the cable company into blank checks in their name.

Homemade Parallettes
Learn how to make two homemade parallettes for gymnastic-style workouts.

Homemade Pullup Bar
Learn how to make a pullup bar for a basement with an I-beam — no drilling or holes required.

Nepal Massacre of 2001: Years Later
Learn all the facts of the royal family massacre in Nepal in 2001 and decide for yourself whether there was a conspiracy to take the throne of Nepal.

Rocketry Projects
A collection of model rocketry-related projects from design to development.