Celtic Kane

The First Final Step

There’s basically two more steps before you launch your rocket. First, you need a launch lug. This is basically a straw on your rocket that allows the rocket to sit on a launch stand. All I did was I cut a straw and glued it near the bottom of my rocket. Below you can kind of see my launch lug.

The Second Final Step

The second step you need to do is to spray paint your rocket. I decided to do an orange color so it would be easy to see my rocket in the sky (I lost my last one because I couldn’t follow it). It doesn’t really matter what color you make your rocket, and if you’re feeling really adventurous you can paint some racing stripes, paint on a rocket name, or do any other sort of design you want. Use your creativity and just have fun with it. If you’re wondering how to do racing stripes (like I did on my rocket), check out the animation below.

And that’s it! You’re ready to launch your rocket — good luck.

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