Celtic Kane

Brief Background

Through 2002-2004, I prepared for the computer science Illinois WYSE test; while studying, I slowly developed a collection of computer science resources that I have included below.

I haven’t maintained these pages since 2004, and I have no intention of keeping them updated, but I have kept them online for the benefit of anyone who needs a starting point for the WYSE test or anything similar.

Table of Contents

  1. Binary Numbers
    Introduction to binary numbers, including negative binaries, fractional binaries, parity checks and more.
  2. Octal and Hexidecimal
    Learn what octal and hexidecimal number systems are and how to convert from binary to octal to hexidecimal and back.
  3. Conditional Logic
    The basics of using AND, OR, NOT, and XOR expressions to determine the value of logical expressions.
  4. Sorting
    There’s many different ways to sort lists — learn what each method is and how it works.
  5. Binary Trees
    Figure out what traversing a binary tree means and learn to identify special types of trees.
  6. Prefix, Infix, Postfix
    There’s more than one way to write A(B+C) — learn the other two methods of writing out mathematical expressions.
  7. Circuits
    Take your knowledge of conditional logic a step further and learn how to translate pictoral circuits.