Celtic Kane


Naming a fantasy/D&D/RPG/etc character can sometimes be quite challenging. In an effort to catalyze your progress in discovering the ‘perfect’ character name, I have created this small utility.

Please keep in mind that many of the names will not make any sense, and will be horrible choices. Just ignore them and move on. The script generates random patterns of characters with an emphasis on selecting patterns of vowels and consonants. Because of the way the names are generated, gibberish will often be output; however, don’t immediately dismiss these names because sometimes they can give you good suggestions if you look at part of the name.

If you want a new set of names, just reload the page or click here.

Swielbh Ontof Oupblfz
Ktuap Tjyywtvr Egbugvrk
Eobb Anewq Cuexrf
Zjyoxr Rwiem Bij
Zeagnrp Bfeemfcg Uupz
Fzievvm Aemm Expehsm
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